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You've made the decision to retire. 

Now, how can you maximize your pension income?

Many retirees simply choose to leave their pension plan where it is, mostly due to lack of information about alternatives. This can cost them a considerable amount of lost income in their retirement years, not to mention risk the volatility if the plan is tied to stock market performance, as most are.

At Insurance Financial Resources, we understand that retirees' objectives have moved from growth to safety, while still being able to maximize their retirement income. There simply may not be enough time to recover from a market crash the likes of which we experienced in 2007-2008, when many people suffered major losses almost overnight.

The tax-qualified plans we offer are characterized by safety and guarantees. Yes, you may participate in any number of growth strategies that are tied to your choice of stock market indexes, but you can never suffer a loss of principle when the market goes down. Not only that, but the products we offer guarantee interest rates that you cannot fall below in a down year, but that you can exceed in years when your market index performs well.

It's the best of both worlds. 

Finally our products guarantee a lifetime income that you cannot outlive. Some of our products offer bonuses that enhance the interval payout amounts if maximizing your annual income is the objective. Once elected, the income amount will never decrease in your lifetime - even if your initial deposit amount has been exhausted!

It pays - more than you may realize - to investigate these options with us to fortify your plan and ensure its safety for the years in which life should be easier.

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