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When the time comes to sign up for Medicare, there are many things to be aware of. The first step is enrolling into Medicare Part B, a very time-sensitive process. Making sure you take proper action during this time prevents any lapse in coverage and protects you against incurring any late-enrollment penalties. If you continue working past your Medicare-eligibility date, you may not need to enroll into Part B right away. Our team helps individuals through this process to ensure a smooth transition onto Medicare.

Another important factor to consider regarding your Part B enrollment is your income. Medicare typically uses your tax-return from two years prior to determine your Part B premium. If your income is high, you may pay an Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA). It's important to let Medicare know of any life-changing events (i.e. retirement) that will cause a change in your income, so that they adjust your premium to reflect present-day figures.

As soon as your enrollment into Part B is processed, you are eligible to enroll into any Medicare-approved health plan in your area. Navigating between all these different types of options can be overwhelming. Our services come at no extra cost to you. Our brokers narrow down the choices in a way that is easy to understand so that you can make an informed decision and be secure with your coverage. Our team will conduct a review of your coverage annually, to always maintain proper position in the market. 

Not knowing about certain aspects of Medicare and the coverage's that are available to you can lead to unnecessary spending and inadequate coverage when you need it most. Are all of your doctors and medications covered? Can you go out of state? Will pre-existing conditions be covered? Does your plan have a deductible? Will you fall into the "donut hole" this year? Are you eligible for any savings programs? Are dental and vision covered? Over the past three decades, we've answered these questions for our clients while providing service that is second-to-none.

Medicare Made Clear.

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